Travel, cafés and unique stays

Hey, I'm Melissa

Digital nomad, Photographer,

Entrepreneur & Content creator

Since I started traveling back in 2017, I’ve developed a big passion for travel photography. I love to inspire people through storytelling with my photos and videos.

My favorite part about it? Helping brands and hotels like you, to connect with their (potential) customers through content.

Curious what I can do for you? Scroll further to see some of my previous work and how you can grow your audience, your authenticity, all without the need of agencies or campaigns.


Now i hear you think

What I can do for you ?

As a born entrepreneur you can expect from me that I will always go that extra mile. It’s my mission to deliver something you get really excited about and what brings you more exposure and sales.

Because I’ve been an entrepreneur for 11+ years I look differently at content and it’s more than just photo’s. I can’t wait to show you how we can upgrade your visual storytelling.

Creating content that resonates with your audience in a genuine and relatable way to let you connect with them.
Build your online authenticity by showing your audience exactly what they can expect in real life
Cost effectively build your brand and your online presence without the need of agencies or campaigns.

Some of

my videos


Puku Pods

The Haad Tien


To get you high quality content I’m only using professional equipment. I’ve upgraded all my gear to the latest standard to ensure you’re getting what you want and need.

How about 24+mp photos, large enough to be printed on posters? Or some beautiful slow-motions, some amazing 4K videos. All steady shot, even if it’s handheld or shot from far above.

Besides the gear I’m also only using professional software to edit all the footage. My go to’s are Lightroom and Premiere Pro.

Sony A7 III & 28-70 F2.8

iPhone 15 Pro Max

DJI Mini 4 Pro

DJI Osmo 6